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In order to become a certified phlebotomy technician one must first have a high school diploma or G.E.D. from this point you can move onto vocational training or certification courses which are offered at many accredited colleges and career schools, however additional nursing skills are desirable.

Licensing is not required in all states at this time but most employers do prefer individuals who have passed a nation examination, it is important however, to check with individual state requirements before applying for positions in that state.

Because phlebotomy is a technical occupation online learning may be limited as it requires hands on training and many potential employers prefer some experience when hiring.

Phlebotomy Job Description

The job of drawing blood samples through venipuntcure, or surgical puncture of a vein is called phlebotomy. This is done using surgical needles; the drawn blood then can be studied by a physician or used as donor blood. Phlebotomists may also responsible for the collection of the samples, and or labeling the blood samples, and taking them to the lab for analysis.

Attention to detail and a calm presence with the patients as many patients especially children can be nervous with this type of procedure and the technician may often be one of the only contacts that the patient has with medical staff before talking with the physician. Phlebotomy technicians may also be responsible for data entry, and many nurses and other medical staff are also trained in phlebotomy and have used it as an entry point into the medical field.

Phlebotomy Training

Where to Get Your Phlebotomy Certification

There are several ways in which one can acquire certification to become a phlebotomy technician although it is not necessary to become certified in order to become a phlebotomist.

Not all states require certification, it will however, go a long way to becoming a preferred hire in a job search. Schools that provide certification all have the requirement for hands on training, internships, and/or classroom time. These are some of the better known programs in the country but there are also many technical institutes and accredited colleges that have programs in phlebotomy.

There are currently no pre-requisites for phlebotomy certification courses other than having graduated from high school or obtained a G.E.D.

Is Certification a Requirement for Employment

It isn’t required to become certified to start a career as a phlebotomy technician, but it can be nearly impossible to get a job if one isn’t certified. The Red Cross offers a good program that can give individuals a feel for what becoming a phlebotomist would be like and offer externships as part of the training.

As is common with most professions the more training one can acquire the higher the pay scale, and phlebotomy can be an excellent doorway into other jobs within the medical profession. With this being said however, phlebotomy is also an important part of the medical machine as many tests presently are performed first with blood samples and with progress in technology the jobs outlook remains strong into the future.

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